Automatic Fire Detection Systems

Fire is an extremely dangerous has it for any kind of building or property whether it be a house or a commercial property, fire can result in extensive damage to the structure of the property as well as the inhabitants inside the property. To make sure that a particular property or installation is safe from the hazard of fire, special measures need to be taken to make sure that if a fire breaks out in the property then, suitable measures have been taken to prevent the spread of it and to suppress it as soon as possible. In the event of fire, automatic fire detection systems can prove vital to prevent the spread of the fire and to contain it as soon as possible with minimal damage to the property and equipment inside the property. These systems are passive in the sense that they do not require human interaction to work properly. They are operational throughout the day and have robust assemblies which means that they are difficult to break and therefore can survive many harsh environments including, being exposed to fire.

Dangers of a Fire

Fires can quickly develop into large fires which can reach high temperatures that can easily melt most sensitive electronic devices such as computers and other screens. This means if a property which houses computers and other sensitive electronic devices is caught on fire, there is a large amount of chance that these sensitive electronic devices will not survive the high temperature is that result from the fire. In addition to this, fire can also reduce the structural integrity of the building itself as it can damage the steel used in reinforced concrete buildings and, can even reduce the strength of all steel buildings as well. This means that because of low structural integrity and low strength of the building materials, the building will be at high risk of collapse as the materials will not have the necessary strength to withstand the loads that are put on them.

Fire can also have a very lethal knock on impact as it can lead to the generation of carbon monoxide which is extremely toxic to humans and can result in a fatality at even very low concentrations. This gas is generated through the burning of equipment and other materials and it can lead to the people inside the building getting suffocated, which means that the people inside the building may die even if they did not have contact with the fire.

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