Choosing The Professional Window Cleaner


Residential window cleaning Perth is essential. Cleanliness and a favourable image of your company can be achieved. You want to hire commercial window cleaners who will treat your building with care. So, here are some contractor-finding tips:

Ask a friend

Your neighbours may know the best window cleaners in town. They can recommend firms and inform you about problems they’ve encountered with certain contractors.

Hire an expert.

Find a seasoned pro who knows what to do. They should detect any window damage or the need for new screens.

You don’t want to hire an unqualified window washer. So, you can easily assess how customers feel about the service they provide. A problem with your building or lack of cleaning will be instantly apparent.

Examine the company’s experience in cleaning windows in similar structures. They may have former client references and before/after images so you can analyse their work.

Seek proof of licence and insurance.

There are various ways to find a firm that will provide residential window cleaning services. A skilled contractor worth their salt will already have this accreditation.

With so many options, make sure they’re licenced and insured. Also, they won’t charge you if they mess up or damage anything on site (even by accident). You can search it up on their website or ask them for an appointment.

Look it up online.

This is a great way to learn about their services. Find out if the company has reviewed and how they rank. Read on to discover everything you can about a firm. Look at consumer reviews on Yelp! You don’t want to hire someone who damages your windows. Call a company if their website has no feedback, but their phone number does. You may discover something about their company style while speaking with them.

Get quotes from several firms.

We recommend getting quotes from three different companies if you are looking for commercial domestic window cleaning Perth WA for the first time. This is a great way to find the greatest deal. Choosing the lowest service may not be the best option (like they have been doing poor jobs in the past). Whatever happens, and even if things cost more than intended, you want to feel good about your choice.



Ask how they clean windows and what products they use can help. Instead of chemicals, a reputable domestic window cleaning company will use squeegees water or dry cleaning. Using detergents or aggressive solvents might damage the glass, leaving streaks or making it more prone to scratches. You want someone who values both looks and longevity!

You can get windows pressure washed from the outside (best), scrubbed from the inside (if streaky but otherwise clear), or just sprayed with water from the inside (if the exterior is messy). Ask questions; after all, you want your company to shine!

Following these simple steps will help you find the best commercial window cleaner. Pick the right firm intelligently!