A Brief Guide On Chocolates And Diabetes

Whenever someone is diagnosed with the type two of diabetes, the first thought is that they need to cut off all the sugar included things. But the diabetic people could have the sweet snacks in a moderate amount especially when they are on insulin to maintain their sugar level since the insulin drops the sugar level of the blood and it is necessary to balance it. But you need to be very careful about what you eat and when you eat. If a diabetic patient is a chocolate person then the best chocolate for him is the diabetic chocolate from Australia.

What is diabetic chocolate?

This is the kind of the chocolate which is especially designed for the diabetes patient and it has sugar alcohols as the substitute of the sugar. These chocolates sometimes replace all the sugar content whereas sometimes a part of the sugar content is replaced by the artificial sweeteners. Although since these are chemicals and these have their own side effects, therefore, these chocolates should not be consumed in large amounts. As compared to the effects of the normal chocolate on a diabetes patient, the diabetic chocolate is better.

Which natural chocolates are better for the diabetes patient?

Dark chocolates which are not processed are best for diabetes patient since these are low in fats and sugar and these have strong flavour and if you are found of bitter flavoured and less sweet chocolates then you could have these easily. The key to choose the best dark chocolate is to look for the content and of the cocoa. The more the cocoa, the better it is, usually dark chocolates with 70 percent of the cocoa is recommended for the diabetics. Another tip is that do not consume large amount as even too much of a good thing is the bad thing. You should define how much you are eating. The doctor suggests that 1 oz. of the dark chocolate is fine. Even with the diabetic chocolate and the dark chocolate, always read the label to see which ingredients are there as certain ingredients apart from the sugar itself could also increase the insulin level. Occasionally, you may have little amount of the chocolate which could be fine but do not make it a habit. Alternatively, to satisfy the chocolate craving you could add the cocoa powder to your breakfast shake or could even add it in your yogurt bowl. It is better not to consume chocolates if you also suffer from increased weight during the diabetes but if you exercise regularly and you have normal weight then having the chocolate sometimes is considered to be fine.

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